To All Visitors

You are welcome at all provincial grazing reserves in Alberta, whether you are taking advantage of the recreational opportunities available or just enjoying the scenery and the great outdoors. However, please remember the primary purpose of the reserves is for summer livestock grazing.
For your safety and to avoid any conflicts with the grazing operation, some areas have restricted use during certain times of the year. Maps showing access points and trails are available from this site or from the regional grazing reserve office. Please use the following access guidelines to help you make your trip to the grazing reserve a safe, enjoyable experience.
Please contact the regional grazing reserve office about any restrictions to the timing, types and areas of recreation activities. You may require a letter of authority stating the conditions of the approved recreation use.
• Pastures that are occupied by livestock are not available to the recreation user. For security reasons and for the safety of the recreation user, these pastures are generally locked during the grazing season.
• Motorized access (including off highway vehicles) is restricted to developed roads.
• Please observe the Use Respect Program in place at grazing reserves by obtaining the necessary approval for access, respecting the land and its resources, and not damaging any property or equipment.
• Please leave gates as you find them and observe any signs that are in place at the access points to the reserve.
• Organized recreational groups will require a letter of authority to use the reserves. Please contact the regional grazing reserve office prior to entering a grazing reserve.
• You are responsible for your own liability while you are on a grazing reserve.
• You will be required to repair or replace any property and/or equipment that you indirectly or directly damage during your visit.
• If you encounter any suspicious hunting or fishing activities on your trip please report these activities to the nearest Fish and Wildlife office or call the 24 hour Report A Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.
• Please keep the grazing reserves clean of litter and debris by packing out everything that you take in.

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