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Letter from the presedent of NatureLandAlberta

I can tell you I will sucede and those that buy Sparrowbucks now will be rewarded for there help. The more bucks you buy the better. This prepurchase offer will give those who participate a priority order selection to there dream home cabin as it becomes available. Order of acre selection depends on the order of sparrowbucks sold . Hurry and be on top for selecting your piece of nla's scenic and healthy life style.

Sparrow-bucks discount shares can only be purchased here on-line and are worth 100.00 CAN. They can be spent at NLA's Paddock rentals, round Stage rental, Horse camping &/or anything NLA has to offer. There is no cash value, refunds or quantity restrictions. Our goal for 2014 is to develop a Nature Land Adventure Super-land by building 10 cabin's along our beautiful creek ravine. These cabins will be state of the art equipped with ECO-friendly features such as Solar panels and Geo-thermo heating & cooling systems. Each unit when completed are priced from 19,900/wk. or 199 Sparrow-bucks for Prime TIME and 8,900/wk. or 89 Sparrow-bucks for Off season. Each week purchase gives you title ownership. The discounted Sparrow-bucks offer is for a limited time. If your looking for that dream getaway then now is the time to invest in Sparrow-bucks. One of the best purchases you can ever make is NOW. Be part of NLA's Adventure Super-land and come enjoy our hospitality. I know this land will touch your heart!

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